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Reputed as an anti-ageing specialist, Carita is in permanent residence at Le Fitz Roy, where it offers a range of treatments inspired by its Global beauty concept for face, body and hair. These treatments are available to non-guests by appointment only.

The custom-made product

At CARITA, the care is before any a time for one when the customization comes to sublimate the depth of action. Let guide in your choice to live the unique experience of a transformatif care (with or without machine of beauty CARITA) which transcends the limits of the topical cosmetic and reveals what you moreover may in you. A constructed flexible offer hand in hand with the Experts of Beauty CARITA for a result beyond your expectations. 



Full treatment

Full treatment 1h40
Ultimate expression of the CARITA experience given rhythm  by the Method 14. A unique expertise of the deep modelling, in 14 movements and 4 measures where the power and the sequence of movements are settled with the precision of a metronome.

Extract treatment 50min

Extract treatment 50min 
Extracted from full treatment, these treatments concentrate on a beneft without any compromise on the pleasure of the experience.

Focused treatment 25min

Focused treatment 25min
A concentrate of efficiency to target a need or a specifc zone thanks to our most demanding technics.


Custom-made cure for a perfectly personalized transformation which builds itself in the course of the sessions and continues in time. The price will depend on the composition of your collection. 

Lagoon hydratation

Lagoon hydratation / 1h40 - 170€ or 50 min - 115€ or 25 min - 70€
During a thousand-year-old process in Polynesia, the water  of lagoons absorbs an exceptional minerality. Glorifed in a ritual  of deep impregnation, the skin wakes up, the lines relax,  the face is illuminated.

Powder purity

Powder purity / 1h40 - 170€ or 50 min - 115€ or 25 min - 70€
This treatment works in depth to unbolt the detoxifcation  ways of oily to combination skin. Cleansed and balanced, the skin breathes, the complexion unifes and is illuminated. 


Cotton softness

Cotton softness / 1h40 - 170€ or 50 min - 115€ or 25 min - 70€
This unique treatment is the CARITA efficiency for the most sensitive skins and makes put into verse skin transformed with perfect integrity.

Genesis of youth lift-firmness

Genesis of youth lift-firmness / 1h40 - 170€ or 50 min - 115€ or 25 min - 70€
A facial skincare, neck and décolleté associated with a powerful  and dynamic massage of muscles, able of relaxing wrinkles, of redrawing the volumes and opening the eyelook. Te lines are smoothed, the skin  is redensifed and toned up, the signs of the age were visibly shaded of.

Eye treatment

Eye treatment / 25 min - 70€ 
Treatment focused on the outline of the eye to erase visibly the first signs of the age and the fatigue.

L’homme ideal

L’homme ideal / 50 min - 115€
All the CARITA experience thought for man in a treatment which  works the skin and allies efciency and relaxation. The effects of the stress, the fatigue and the age are erased.



The rest of the skieur

The rest of the skieur / 25 min - 65€ or 50 min  - 130€ or 80 min - 180€ 
Muscle recovery treatment - Ideal after a skiing day, this exceptional treatment reduces muscular tensions, allows the recovery, and vitality.

Volcanic touch

Volcanic touch / 50 min - 125€ or 80 min - 175€
Relaxing, sensorial massage with hot stones - This massage with hot stones promotes relaxation and the circulation of energy within the body. Soft,round and warm stones are placed on the diferent energy points before.

Ephemeral massage

Ephemeral massage / 25 min - 65€ or 55 min - 115€ or 80 min - 170€
Discover our treatment of the week. Information at the Spa Reception.

Relaxing Softness

Relaxing Softness / 25  min - 65€ or 55 min - 115€ or 80  min - 170€
Enveloping massage with warm oil. Dive into exotic perfume of warm oil for a moment of extreme softness. Your skin is nourished, your tensions evaporate delicately by the combination of gliding movements in a soothing and calm rhythm.          

Head and neck massage

Head and neck massage / 25 min - 65€
Evasion guaranteed with this treatment stimulating fuid  circulation going to the head. The mind is clearer, the head is lighter and worries evaporated.

Wings in your back

Wings in your back / 25 min - 65€
Come to discover this treatment which releases the muscular tensions of the back.According to your needs, the therapist will make every effort to dissolve your resistances and to bring the energy to circulate in a fuid and supple way.   

Plantar reflexology

Plantar reflexology / 25 min - 65€ or 40 min - 75€ 
Stimulation of refex point on your feet, will gives you relaxation and serenity. 

Massage package

Massage package / 6x50min - 650€
6 massages or facials - Choose each day the massage you would like to discover (2 Rest of the skieur maximum). 

Kids Massage

Kids Massage / 25 min - 60€ or 55 min - 110€
For kids between 7 and 15 years: back and legs massage with coconut avor oil, followed by a little surprise. 

Specific Treatments


Le rénovateur exfoliant draining

Le rénovateur exfoliant draining / 50  min - 110€
Exfoliating and energizing massage - Developed by the CARITA sisters, this toning treatment offers a draining, an all-over body scrub with the Rénovateur to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a massage to moisturize the skin and give it a radiant glow. Exists in 25 minutes if associated to another treatment - 60€.

Light Legs 25 min

Light Legs / 25 min - 65€. 
Too many bumps, a long day on slopes, this care is ideal for painful legs in need for lightness. The warmed muscle can be worked in depth and stretched for an optimal recovery. 

Body Wrap 25 min

Body Wrap / 25min - 60€.          
To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.

Light Manicure (before 3 pm)

Light Manicure / 25min - 50€.          
To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.


Full Manicure (before 3pm)

Full Manicure / 50 min - 69€.  
Your hands are nourished and repaired. 

To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.

Pedicure (before 3pm)

Pedicure / 50 min - 65€.          
A real moment of relaxation for your feet. 

Rituals and Osteopathic Treatments (before 3 pm)


Hamman, Exfoliation, Massage

Hamman, Exfoliation, Massage of 55min / 1h50 - 170€.
To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.

Body & facial treatment

Body massage 50 min, facial treatment 25 min / 1h20 - 180€.
To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.


Full Treatment

Hammam, exfoliation, body wrap, scalp massage / 1h20 - 180€.
To book this treatment, please indicate below the date and time you wish to confirm.

Osteopathic Consultation

Osteopathic Treatment Consultation / 80€. 
Osteopathy considers the patient as a whole and aims, via an osteopathic diagnosis and adapted manual techniques, to restore mobility and to recover and prevent patient’s health. This discipline is interested in functional disorders of the human body (musculoskeletal, visceral, psychic...) and in their origins. Each patient has its own treatment. 
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