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"Carita" products


Lagoon frost : this cleansing radiance lotions for face, eyes and lips with its deliciously fresh and rich gel texture instantly rids the face of impurities.

Lagoon water : this hydro-vitalising radiance lotion reveals your complexion, leaving it fresh and pink. Your skin is left supple, comfortable and energised, with your face visibly cleansed and bright.

Pearly lotion : this cleansing milk emulsion cleanses the face and eye areas, tones the skin and leaves the complexion fresh and radiant.

Youth perfection lotion : this resurfacing radiance preparation treatment leaves your face fresh, radiant and rejuvenated. The skin can breathe and glow.


50 ml - 59€ /each

Lagoon scrub : This radiance awakening renovator cream, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, eliminates impurities, roughness and dead cells and leaves the skin’s texture visibly refined for a radiant, bright complexion.

Face renewing : scrub without rinsing to exfoliate and detox the skin. The complexion is instantly illuminated. A face scrub with multiple benefits: exfoliation, detoxing, purification, radiant complexion, bright complexion.


Lagoon bath : this radiance facial cream mask with its fresh and melting gel texture offers a moment of genuine well-being and relaxation.

Powder mask : supple purifying mask for combination or oily skin. This purifying and mattifying supple mask refines the skin’s texture and leaves the skin fresh, soft and velvety with lasting effect.

Fundamental skin resurfacing mask : this jelly peeling mask offers a fresh complexion, comfortable skin and a velvety feel. After only 10 minutes of application, this treatment offers a real new skin effect.

Bio mask : revitalising cream mask. This nourishing anti-ageing face cream treatment envelops the skin in its delicate signature powdery scent and softens the signs of fatigue and ageing.

Perfect 3 gold night mask : this exceptional revitalising face treatment helps to combat wrinkles and skin slackening and gives the skin back its radiance.

Biocellulose mask : the skin is moisturised, regenerated, soothed and refreshed with lasting effect


Facial beauty device combining two energies to visibly shape your skin's youthfulness. Your skin will be visibly improved with each day.

Discover a powerful, intuitive and innovative device, My C.L.E by CARITA. One machine, two energies to a personalised experience at home. Firmness, dark spots, imperfections or radiance: My C.L.E combines four unique beauty programmes designed to meet all of your needs. Day after day, the power of LEDs (providing a tailored response) and microcurrents (instant lifting) amplify the targeted action of CARITA serums to reveal skin that meets your highest expectations. Discover this device with its innovative design and intuitive operation. Just four minutes a day for visible, lasting results. Rechargeable battery.


Lagoon gel cream : this moisturising face cream tones the face and leaves the skin feeling deliciously fresh.

Control cream : this moisturising and rebalancing face treatment absorbs excess sebum, allowing the skin to regain its balance and radiance and limiting the appearance of skin imperfections.

Sensidote cream : this facial anti-ageing prevention cream boosts the skin’s quality and defences, leaving it suppler and more resistant

Clarity cream : this radiance revitalising treatment reveals a visibly more even, transparent and bright complexion with more radiant, vibrant skin that looks transformed.

Fundamental essence skin resurfacing : this liquid radiance awakening treatment reveals a radiant, even complexion and intensely moisturised skin.

Neomorphose cream : this rich plumping face cream, enriched with hyaluronic acid made using biotechnology techniques, penetrates and intensely moisturises the skin.

Neomorphose rich cream : this regenerating face treatment infuses the skin for an instant soothing action.

Neomorphose night balm : this regenerating anti-ageing treatment helps to smooth the surface of dry, tight skin and ensures long-lasting moisturisation.

Stimulift cream : this lifting firming day cream reshapes facial contours and retraces its outline whilst smoothing away wrinkles.

Stimulift rich cream : firmer, smoother and plumper, the face is visibly transformed, its contours redefined and its outline retraced. As if lifted, your skin is soothed and filled with youthfulness.

Stimulift night cream : this plumping and regenerating face cream leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.

Neck & chest cream : this lifting and beautifying anti-ageing cream envelops the skin of the neck and neckline in a delicately pearlescent, gentle framework.

Perfect 3 gold cream : exceptional global anti-ageing face treatment, gives mature skin back its radiance.

Firmness revealing cream : this reshaping and firming body treatment visibly acts on contours to effectively shape your silhouette.

Universal UV essence : broad spectrum protection - antioxidant. A light and effective formula: 
• A UV filter from patented L’Oréal research 
• Organic filters chosen to optimize the lightness of the formula and leave no white streak 
• A unique composition for a broad protection spectrum


Lagoon serum : this genuine moisturising radiance activator revives tired and dehydrated skin and boosts its water reserves.

Control serum : this purifying radiance serum regulates excess sebum, tightens pores and reduces imperfections.

Sensidote serum :  This serum instantly soothes and protects the skin with lasting effect.

Clarity serum : this liquid dark spot corrector for the face works immediately on your skin to perfect the complexion.

Neomorphose serum : this smoothing serum instantly plumps up the skin.

Stimulift serum : the skin is firmed and lifted, and the facial contours are retraced.

Perfect gem 3 gold serum : A true precious youth fundamental concentrate, removes imperfections, evens the complexion and smooths wrinkles.

Expert serum : this anti-cellulite slimming activator body serum releases fat, softening the padded orange-peel effect on the skin.


Beauty 14 fluid : this nourishing oil for face, body and hair is enriched with hazelnut and corn oil to nourish and soothe even the most dehydrated skin.

Oil (in foam) : this transformative face cleansing treatment offers twofold well-being for a cleansed, comfortable and radiant face.


Lagoon eyes treatment : this moisturizing and relaxing gel softens dark circles, reduces puffiness and prevents lines and wrinkles.

Fundamental eyes treatment filler : helps to combat puffiness and signs of ageing.

Eyes Stimulift : this advanced anti-ageing total lift treatment melts into the skin and leaves a delicious feeling of freshness.

Perfect 3 gold eyes & lips cream : the eye and lip contours are moisturised, protected and radiant with youth, and your face and smile are illuminated.

"Précis" (serums)

15 ml - 49€ /each

Hyaluronic serum : a concentrated formula combining hyaluronic acid with tripeptides for visibly moisturised and plumped skin. Visibly plumps up the epidermis, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is moisturised, supple and radiant with health.

Anti-imperfections serum :  a concentrated formula combining aha and biopeptides for a tightened skin texture and a complexion radiant with health. The skin gains a quality boost and is radiant with health. Imperfections are smoothed and the skin texture refined.

"Igrane" products


100 ml - 42€ / 50 ml - 29€

Quality: 100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold pressing, without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality. For all types of skin.


10 ml - 20€ each

Quality: 100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold pressing, without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality. For all types of skin.

Half-moon soap

100 g - 10€ /soap

Enriched with argan oil.

"Snö" products


My miraculous balm

30 ml - 42 €


A multi-use vegan protection and repairing balm: nourishing care for the face, lips, cold-cream, eye makeup remover, soothing mask with Calendula and Raspberry Seed Oil, Wheat germ, Castor oil naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 for all skin types, even the most delicate.
Formulated without essential oils with a delicious gourmet natural fragrance.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
87% of the ingredients are from organic farming

My sports massage

15 ml - 28€


Relaxing oil for sports preparation and recovery before and / or after exercise. The ideal partner for the back and knees, with relaxing organic essential oils of Immortelle and Wintergreen.
Also to be used as a relaxing and invigorating treatment for heavy legs.
A fresh and invigorating scent.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
99% of the ingredients are from organic farming

My source cream

30 ml - 38€


A non-oily moisturizing fluid for ultimate comfort thanks to hyaluronic acid of plant origin. Daily comfort for tight skin which fixes water and limits its loss. A hydrating base to rejuvenate all skin types thanks to a concentrate of exceptional moisturizing active ingredients.
Formulated without essential oils to suit the most reactive skin.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
41% of ingredients are from organic farming

My eternal oil

15 ml - 48€


An exceptional night care, anti-aging and antioxidant, thanks to this pure synergy of organic Nordic vegetable oils, ideal for delicate and mature skin with exceptional anti-aging active ingredients:
* Organic Cranberry Oil
* Organic sea buckthorn seed oil
* Organic Raspberry Seed Oil
* Organic Scandinavian Rose Oil
Treasures of Scandinavian nature, these organic vegetable oils, known as dry, are naturally rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and 9. This authentic treatment is nourishing and reboosting for all skin types.
Formulated without essential oils.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
98% of the ingredients are from organic farming

"Nougatine" products



100 ml - 21€


All Skin Types. Candy floss fragrance.

An innovative chantilly mousse to gently cleanse and provide a moment of well-being. « Organic Hydro-protect » Complex forms a protective film and allows to rebalance the water skin loss.


30 ml - 23€


Dry / normal skin. Chocolate and hazelnut scent.

A high-tech formula with exclusive ingredients of natural origin. A rich face cream to nourish, repair and protect your skin. The Hydro Protect Bio complex improves the hydration of your skin and creates a natural protective barrier.


30 ml - 25€


Sensitive skins. Vanilla-strawberry scent.

The first face cream for Sensitive Skin adapted to the specifics of children's skin. A light cream to soothe and gently hydrate the sensitive skin of your face. Enriched with allantoin, feelings of tightness are reduced. The Hydro-protect Bio Complex forms a protective film and improves the water balance of your skin.

Baume Bisous

10 ml - 12€


Dry lips. Toffee fragrance.

A specially conceived balm to repair and protect young lips. Their mucus membranes need permanent protection against cold, heat and air-conditioning. which attack them without forgetting dental braces, often worn at this age and which dry out the lips. Enriched with Organic honey and Organic shea butter to enhance lips moisturization.


100 ml - 24€


All Skin Types. Honey and vanilla fragrance.

A high sensory experience for this moisturizing body milk for a very soft after feel. Enriched with Organic honey and Organic shea butter, your skin is repaired and protected. The « Organic Hydro-protect » Complex provides a protective film and re-balance skin water.

Rêve d'Ange

100 ml - 25€


RELIEVE AND NOURRISH. Honey and vanilla fragrance.

Children also like massages ! Cocoon your child with this Organic honey body massage balm which both relieves and nourishes the skin. Warm up a small amount of balm in the palm of your hands and apply in gentle circular motions on the body. Its melting texture will leave the skin so soft and delicately perfumed.


200 ml - 17€


For all skin. Choco-nuts fragrance.

This creamy and smooth shower milk lightly foams to clean gently your body without dryingIt contains a natural emollient which helps your skin to preserve hydration. What a delightful experience with its choco-nuts scent you will love!


200 ml - 17€


For all skins. Vanilla strawberry fragrance.

This creamy and smooth shower milk lightly foams to clean gently your body without drying. It contains a natural emollient which helps your skin to preserve hydration. What a delightful experience with its vanilla-strawberry scent you will love!

Cheveux d'Ange

200 ml - 18€


All Hair Types. Honey vanilla scents.

Especially formulated for children, its rich and creamy foam cleans gently your hair without damaging it. It contains some organic honey and organic maple syrup for soft and shiny hair. What a delightful experience with its honey vanilla scent you will love!
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